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For reasons I don’t really want to divulge, Friday I gave 2 weeks notice at work. It was a fairly sudden move (though we had discussed it – Chad knew it was coming) and honestly, scary as hell. It meant we had to go on a budget ASAP and figure out what our essentials are, and if we could afford them. Thank goodness Chad starts his new job in just a couple of months – it’s going to be a tight few months!

Aside from some very cheap eating out this weekend (we ate out twice for $30, mostly since my sis and her BF were visiting), we lived our new lives of “living simply.” Our A/C is out, but that’s a good thing… we got to keep the windows open to this nice weather all week. I don’t think I mentioned it before, but our cable has been out since some idiot screwed it up about two months ago… we get 21 channels, none of them being ESPN… and it’s nice. We watch some netflix, but mostly we don’t watch TV at all. I started couponing (not the extreme stuff… no, I’m just into the “get this for cheaper” type) a few weeks ago and it’s strangely nice to have a little project. We’re cooking lots of stuff ourselves from scratch and reading more. I’m making a list of (cheap!) baby projects I want to tackle, planning our move and all kinds of other stuff. I planted herbs and lettuce in a container garden today, too!

The only unfortunate thing about my new less-stress life is that we won’t be going to Charleston as much now – that gets expensive! – but that trade-off is well worth the things we’ll get in return… and Skype is free 🙂

Have you ever taken a major risk in quitting a job without a new one in sight? Any money saving tips you want to offer? 😉


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