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A cleaning routine. We always randomly clean rooms here, and then push clutter into a closet (I’m looking at you, below-the-stairs closet). I know, I know, that’s lame. We have too much crap!

First, cleaning products. Slowly trying to switch over to this:

From this:

BAD. It makes me want to vomit. I don’t care how “clean” it gets things, it shouldn’t burn your lungs and make you want to spew, right? Ick.

So, having the right materials isn’t a major deal, it’s more that I have no cleaning routine. There’s no “Clean bathrooms on Tuesday” at our house, we just do it when we think we should. And sometimes, because of Chad, that might not be often enough.

Anyone have a good cleaning schedule? Do you try tackling it all on Sunday afternoons or Wednesday evenings or whenever? It’s one of my resolutions, so I would appreciate some advice.

So I tried making my own ornaments (see last post). I glued myself to Xyron permanent adhesive backing, crushed a ball ornament and lost two needles… fail. (I don’t get it, I’m actually a crafty person!) But, we made the best of it – we bought Santa hats and mint coffee and mint cookies from Target, tons of ornaments, candy canes and a pine-scented Yankee candle and we were ready to rock! Here’s some pics for our night… If I don’t post it here, I’m too lazy to scrapbook, so here’s the proof it happened. Please do not judge by the bad lighting, it’s pretty bad, I know.

Now, back to listening to Chad play guitar while listening to Pandora “Rockin’ Christmas” radio… and hand-embroidering our stockings to say “Mr.” and “Mrs.” in script… my one DIY. Pics to come!

Show me your Christmas stuff! Have you even started yet? Am I crazy? [Don’t answer the last one.]


So PMS and general blah-ness have prevented me from posting too much about my life. Boooo. And then, my wrist decided to revolt. Suffice it to say the past few days have made me feel like my body is tugging me in different directions. Basically, I’m in this massive rut of a life right now until PMSing ends and I go back to my general disgust for Baby Ruths. (Don’t ask.)

This means I have so many things to talk about. Let’s rewind to Monday last week:

Chad: So I was talking to the people from the lecture and one of them is from Charleston and we were talking about it and they’re located in Cincinnati, I know, like all the other places that might be ok to work for but she said it wasn’t too bad and Cincinnati isn’t a horrible place, that there’s kind of some hip stuff going on there and I don’t think it would be too bad of a move for us you know?


I literally put that in the deep recesses of my memory. I don’t need to move to freaking Cincy, no thanks. I mean, what’s even there for me? Mandy would be happy since it’s only 2 hours to her beloved Peyton Manning (Please, do not let her find out). In fact, I left it there until this Monday, I didn’t think about it, I didn’t consider it, I didn’ t want to.

But, I was alone again for another Monday night Social Hour (that thing Chad does on Mondays that’s mandatory) and I started looking just at housing in Cincy. That’s how I always start – if I can sell myself on a cool place to live, I’m in. Right now, I accept being here in Athens because we have an all-white bedroom punctuated by a little yellow and gray, it’s my sanctuary. But, I digress. The first house I found was this:


Hi, Mid-century-modern-house-I-want-to-raise-hipster-children-in. Okay, Cincinnati. I’m listening to you.

And… well, that’s what I wanted to share. That I am perfectly ok with moving to Cincy… it’s hard to imagine, but I’m not totally opposed to the idea like I once thought I was. I have to stop being so quick to write cities off, I suppose. And thinking about our next move did make me want to pull out of my rut. ¬†Athens wasn’t quite the new start I was looking for, but a move to what will truly be our next home for a while is very encouraging – whether it’s Cincinnati, Boston, Raleigh, Chicago, NYC or anywhere else that Chad’s career is based in.

Do you know anything about Cincinnati? Anything about Hyde Park in Cincy? Anything about Waltham, MA (Boston suburb)? Give me a shout if you do.


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