… to constantly develop food allergies, you ask?

It feels like you are on a sinking ship, and you’re throwing things overboard that you love but, to survive, you cannot keep. 

I have a lot of food allergies, and i’m in the midst of trying to eliminate another from my life. It’s starting to look like it’s either wheat or gluten and it’s not fun. It’s never easy. 

I hate talking about my allergies when people ask me to have dinner with them or to meet up. I would rather go to something with people and never eat than to try to explain how I am allergic to a list of ten or so things, because it’s way easier to just not eat or eat the meat entree than to explain. Most people have no idea how prevalent allergens are in foods, too. 

Many people in my life do not take my allergies seriously. “I thought a little bit would be okay,” they’ve said. That is not the case. A little egg will make me as sick as a lot of egg. I had to leave my brother and sister in law’s wedding because I inadvertently ate probably less than an eighth of an egg. I did not think I would make it the thirty minutes home to pass out on the couch and pray to the porcelain bowl of Zeus that I didn’t throw up… over one 3/4″ diameter meatball. One. I’ll let that sink in for a second. 

Eggs are not just my serious allergy. Peanuts are serious. At first I could tolerate being around peanut butter, but now, if my kid breathes it in my face or waves it around, trying to share, which she often does, I get the swollen throat and the coughing. 

But the worst, the absolute worst to me is people who think allergies are a lifestyle choice. I get that allergies are uncommon in adults; actually, I’m the only adult I know that has them, and it only started after my very awful pregnancy. I cannot help what they are. I do not know when they will develop. I cannot take allergy shots and going to an allergist at this point would do nothing but tell me what I already know, in a way that could make me very sick for the next few days. That’s great that someone you know is vegan or gluten free because they think it makes them feel better, but don’t assume that all people that eat like x or y do so to just simply “feel better” and that they can stop at any time. I skip eggs and peanut butter because my life depends on it as my allergies get worse. So tell me if you’re using cream of whatever soup in your food, because that has egg. Tell me if you accidentally forget and throw an avocado into the salad. Otherwise, I’ll know, and it won’t be pretty for either of us as I’m drugged out on benadryl and you’re feeling guilty for thinking I would be okay with a little bit. It’s okay to forget. It’s not okay to not tell. 

and that is my PSA on what it feels like.