I’ve been meaning to blog about this. I started this list a bit ago and actually have some things down.

1. Donate time and money to causes I feel passionately about. I let opportunities like this pass me by all the time. 

2. Write a novel. Edit it. 

3. Make new friends in Cincy

4. Buy a house. Make a home.

5. Lose fifty pounds.

6. Print my pictures. Put them everywhere.

7. Finish a quilt. Finish three quilts.

8. Make snow angels with Zoe.

9. Visit the PNC Zoo Lights

10. Find a babysitter and go on a date

11. Paint pottery for ourselves or someone else

12. Go gluten free for a week. See what happens.

13. Do one thing related to a future career

14. Make a carrot cake from scratch

15. Finish a painting for behind the couch

16. Visit a city we’d like to move to – maybe Austin, SXSW?

17. Learn to cook curry from memory

18. Visit 30 new parks

19. Sew a piece of clothing for myself

20. Make a kolsch

21. Do yoga everyday

22. Do something completely different with my hair

23. Finally learn to crochet a granny square

24. Go to the beach again

25. End the year happy.