on the other side of last week, it sure feels all right. 

I have good friends on the internet. Good friends in real life. And I’m working on making new friends, from a lovely playgroup that we tried out. 

It’s not always so easy to see the bad for the good.  I’d like to think I’m growing up, but who can ever be sure? I’m just going to assume I am because I’m not bitter at those people. It is what it is, we’re different people and life goes on. 

I always dread the lead up to winter, even if I simultaneously love fall and Christmas. It’s a hard truth that it means that things will be graying and cold and that means a lot of indoor time. I’m hoping to rearrange things so Z won’t be so bored, but it’s just going to be a traveling kind of winter. Going to indoor places to have fun, I suppose. 

I hope this winter can be a winter of new things, of happy friends and fun events and people we like. I hope we find our home in this city. I’m too ready for change.