i kept a blog that i hosted. that wasn’t as fun.
i only own a kajillion domain names and tried again and again. that wasn’t as fun.
so let’s pretend i didn’t skip two years. here i am in 2013.

i have a wonderful 2 year old girl! i still live in the same townhouse until we buy a house next year here in cincy! I’m still married to chad! I still love my entire freaking life! but my oh my how i’ve changed.

let’s play quick catch up: 

in August 2011 I gave birth to a bundle of fantastic. I had PPD for the first oh… seven months. After that, a switch flipped and i realized how awesome my life was.

we’ve had the most fun. she can talk, walk, um… change her own diapers. She can ask questions and color and try to write. she can read her own name if she thinks about it long enough.

C still has the same cool job and he likes it a lot. the city is… well, it’s okay. i sort of think it’s growing on me, in its own special way. it’s not home, but it is a home, the only one that Z has ever known. It’s not Georgia. It’s not SC. But you know what? We’re a family here. It’s a home. 🙂

I learned photography. I learned how to fail at something. I learned that life is about growing and I learned that it’s okay to be a feminist and pretty liberal for a moderate. I learned that letting the same people burn you over and over is a surefire way to be unhappy. I learned that space isn’t awful. I learned how to be me.

I started this blog as an outlet. I started every other blog as an obligation. But I’m not obligated anymore, and I’m not having fun with buying domains and hosting. I just want to go back to the basics, to who I was when no one was reading this site. It’s not connected to my twitter feed, my instagram (bet you don’t know what that is, 2008 me) or anything else. It’s all me, blogging for me. 🙂