I know. How much more big news can you take?  I mean first on this blog we got engaged. Then we got married. Then we announced that we’re having a baby. What else could there possibly be?!

I’ll tell you what else:

from James Stapleton on flickr

That’s our new home. Two big colleges, one major league baseball stadium, a large river and situated on the border of two states… nearly three.

That’s right, we’re moving to Cincinnati, OH! We finally have a “permanent for now” home. A place where we can order digital cable without having to worry about that pesky two year commitment. A place where we can finally transfer licenses and have a basement. A place our child will be born (are we crazy for thinking we want to drive to a hospital in North KY so our kid will be southern like us? haha). We could be there as little as 18 months and as much as “indefinitely”.

So that, my friends, is the end of our long stretch of big surprising news updates. Thank goodness. Now I can go back to planning where we’ll live, baby stuff, and how many different places “near” Cincinnati I’d like to visit (Pittsburgh? KY? Indy?)