I’m a total, total dork. I just want you to know that… in fact, Chad must be kinda dorky too, because we both did this.

We have watched every episode of Ghost Adventures (you know, that horribly crappy show on the Travel Channel?) that we can find on Netflix. Our favorite part is this little gun thing they use that the ghosts supposedly use to “say” words to communicate with them. It’s freaky when it’s sort of accurate.

So, I heard about this Ghost Radar app for iPhone and Droid. It’s the same premise, basically – it uses electromagnetic forces (or something) to form words from the ghosts. At first,  I was super bummed, because I don’t plan on getting a Droid or iPhone until at least June and, second, it’s probably a HUGE fake. I mean…really, your PHONE can do that? Uh. Sure. Then I found out Blackberry has it, too, so of course I made Chad download it.

The whole time we were waiting for App World to work and then waiting to download the free version, “Ghost Radar Classic,” he was throwing skepticism my way. Well, I don’t care if it actually works, it seems like it would be a fun concept! Geez!

We got it downloaded and opened it up. It looked like this (but this is not our screenshot, so we didn’t get this word or these findings).

The blue dot is a ghost. The random letters on the bottom right appear when the ghost(s) are “communicating.”

Just some of the nonsense words we got: stairs, Johnny, opposite, paper, everywhere, burn, Edward, Thomas, laid, coal, German, unhappy, Betsy, tie, book, Roman. Yeah, I’m not seeing a pattern either, but it was fun when the ghost blobs appeared on the screen, especially when they turned blue (supposedly close? I have no idea). Oh, and I don’t know what the numbers are all about. I’m not really a believer (and this app isn’t about to make me one, either) but it was kind of funny! I totally recommend for when you’re bored and want to do something “fun”, believer or not.