I am so, so, sick of trying to convince myself I’m cool enough.  I don’t even know what the parameters are for that statement… isn’t that ridiculous?

Seriously, my house is never going to look like this:

I’m perfectly fine with that. But then, I start reading tweets of people way cooler than me, and I get ridiculously blown away. I’ve had to stop following designsponge on twitter because of how ridiculously braggy her tweets were getting, and she’s not the only one. I hate when people don’t seem real online, and as someone who talks to a lot of people online (mostly because my friends don’t live that close), I’d love to broadcast the PSA to keep it real.

I’d also love to address something right here, right now: I don’t really think I’m cool. After reading that last paragraph, I realize that people might think I’m braggy (I put out some ridiculous tweets and blogs, I know!). But I put out the good (“I heart falafel”) and the bad (“My husband passed out next to me”)  without trying to constantly spin it to be positive. Sometimes life just sucks, mine included, and I live in a “cool” town, have a “cool” job and play “cool” video games like Just Dance 2 (Kit, it’s ON). Why try to make it into something it’s not? It’s one thing to be positive, it’s quite another to ONLY be positive.