2011 is going to be a year of change for me. Mostly because I need to, but some unexpected, I’m sure. After all, we’re (90% sure) moving cross country, most likely to Cincinnati. My job is getting bigger and more kickass than ever, and I love it so much now. I feel like Katy Perry’s firework video, like this:

Life feels like it is just exploding! Marriage and the entire mystery of what our lives will be after Chad graduates. So, with that said, here are my fairly simple resolutions:

1. I will walk or play my dance game 5 times a week. Really, I love the dance video and I like our area ok, so I don’t mind doing either. Been waiting to do this for slightly warmer weather, and here it is.

2. I will be neater. Seriously, laziness has got to go. I’ve had my nice few months of lazy newlywedded bliss. Now, I need to deep clean everything more often… because I love when the chrome fixtures shine.

3. I will quit listening to shitty music because “it’s on.” No more Bieber, Rhianna or Lady Gaga just because they’re on. I’ll keep the Kesha though.

4. I’m making healthy dinners, meal planning and not eating out. Kills two birds with one stone: staying healthy and saving money.

That’s all I really want to say I’ll do as of right now… honestly, there’s a lot on my plate this year (and I can’t wait to share some of it with you in the next few months!) and my expectations aren’t too high.