I went to write a blog post two days ago (because I have been very unmotivated, for some reason) and stopped by facebook, and found a link to an article about my high school. Unfortunately, it was sad news, a suicide attempt by flames. It really, really shook me, and not because I know the student (I don’t), but because of what it means.

My high school was a magnet school that didn’t tolerate things like bullying. Everyone basically just got along. It would be so easy to blame this on bullying, but the truth is, this kid had some demons he was facing, and he finally got to the point he couldn’t take it anymore. That depression, anxiety and the feelings of suicide are common to many teenagers, and it pains me to think that this tragedy could bring out even more of that in his classmates, peers and others. I was a teenager who had trouble with that middle ground between being a kid and an adult, especially in college where I did suffer through depression. His death strikes me to the core because not that long ago, I was there. And even more frightening is that now, I’m pretty sure I have family or friends there, too.

I’m standing on my soapbox today to encourage to wear red today – people are wearing red for Aaron. My red of choice today is not only clothing, but this blog – I want to share this story with you in the hopes that you will reach out to people you know, to friends, to family, to anyone you think may be suffering with depression and be a listening ear, be a loving heart and just someone who cares. While I wish the circumstances under which I am relaying this message were different, Aaron’s death and the reasons why should not be in vain.