So I tried making my own ornaments (see last post). I glued myself to Xyron permanent adhesive backing, crushed a ball ornament and lost two needles… fail. (I don’t get it, I’m actually a crafty person!) But, we made the best of it – we bought Santa hats and mint coffee and mint cookies from Target, tons of ornaments, candy canes and a pine-scented Yankee candle and we were ready to rock! Here’s some pics for our night… If I don’t post it here, I’m too lazy to scrapbook, so here’s the proof it happened. Please do not judge by the bad lighting, it’s pretty bad, I know.

Now, back to listening to Chad play guitar while listening to Pandora “Rockin’ Christmas” radio… and hand-embroidering our stockings to say “Mr.” and “Mrs.” in script… my one DIY. Pics to come!

Show me your Christmas stuff! Have you even started yet? Am I crazy? [Don’t answer the last one.]