Well, Kristen tagged me and asked what was in my purse. If you know anything about me, you know that there’s one thing I abhor: cleaning and switching purses. Seriously, I’m awful at it. I didn’t even know what all was in my small purse until I started pulling it out. So, here goes.

This is my standard “brown” purse. It’s a Coach and I beat it up… I guess I feel like it’s just a bag. The only reason it’s Coach is because it withstands my beating a little better than, say, a Target bag. (I tried. It turned blue when I wore a new dress.)  Anyways, it’s not too big, not too small.

coach brown leather purse

I started with the main compartment, pulling stuff out. We’ve got a map of the Grove Arcade, an Asheville, NC mall-type thing; an expired Ingles ad (tell me you just LOVE the “God Bless America” on the front of it… I know, ridiculous, but Ingles has the best bulk spices ever), Wallet #1 (This holds checkbooks, insurance cards, gift cards and the pens you see in the pic) and two pens for writing checks.

This is probably the point where you should run and hide. We were headed out to go jacket shopping and Chad was rushing me a bit after I complained that we needed to leave, so I pulled EVERYTHING (just about) out to take a pic. It’s awful. I had no idea there was this much stuff in this little bag. We have: a Tanger Outlets map for Blowing Rock, NC (note: I HAVE NEVER EVEN BEEN TO THIS TANGER. I guess it was when we were at the cabin?), a bottle of eye drops, a wrist strap for my camera that i am constantly taking off, a Bed, Bath and Beyond receipt and two gift cards, a certified mail receipt from when I mailed in our marriage license (Yes, I don’t trust Charleston county), 2.5 pairs of earrings, a blue sharpie, three pens, a blizzard card, two cents, a hair elastic, three heel strips (to make your heels feel better, yay!), a set of keys to my old mailbox/apt at the reserve, a coach instructional guide, a token from the clips of faith because I couldn’t manage to drink enough beer, a free Fat Tire/New Belgium bottle opener that Chad promptly stole, a business card for DanceFX (yay wedding dance) and a tiki man.

Funny story about the tiki man. Tiki man has always helped us avoid car accidents… since Chad’s car accident back in high school, after which Tiki started riding with us. He used to ride in Chad’s car (hence the foam tape on the bottom) but he got tired in there… and hitched a ride in my purse. I seriously have no idea how tiki man ended up with me, but I’d better put him back in a car. Also, tiki man carries lots of sand (if you can’t tell from the pic) and I have no idea why… he’s never really been to a beach, though it’s possible we’ve put sand everywhere on many of our beach trips.

And, for the last batch of things from my purse… Wallet #2, which is my actual wallet that I use for wallet-activities such as holding cash, credit cards, IDs and other good things, a sharpie pen that sometimes rides along in that wallet but mostly hides in my purse because I love sharpie pens but must steal them from Chad to make sure I can keep them, and my Fat Tire lip balm.

If you’re familiar with New Belgium, you probably know of their most popular Fat Tire amber ale. To be honest, it’s one of the only beers I drink, save for a Corona or possibly a Kolsch (but who actually carries Kolsch? It’s a major problem). Anyways, when we were at Clips of Faith, I snagged this baby for free – my most prized possession in my purse, my Fat Tire organic orange peel lip balm. It’s even got SPF, but unfortunately, does not taste like Fat Tire. (The orange is pretty good, though.)

Honorable mentions: My lemon cupcake hand sanitizer, which was sitting out at the time; my Clemson checkbook, which had fallen out of my purse, and a Discover Mills map which got added later today. [Editor’s note: if you’ve never been to Discover Mills, don’t go, it’s crazier than a horse carrying balloons through a cotton field.]

Well, I’m not going to continue the tagging with this because frankly, I’m scared to know what a few people may keep in their purses… but I am going to give a huge thanks to Kristen for finally getting me to clean out my purse 🙂 If you do decide to do it, leave a comment with the link!