Wow, I was pretty determined not to be hampered from my goal of being active daily… and then I pulled a muscle in my back. Seriously, not just any muscle, the one that hurts every time you bend, sit, stand, lift, twist and roll over. Chad’s been pushing me not to take Advil (something about killing kidneys… since mine already have stones) and I’ve been ok with warm baths and heat packs and stretching and massages until now. I don’t know what I did, but I do know one thing: tonight, it’s Advil time. I’m about to sob in pain.

Anyways. Life update time. Chad and I have been dealing with how to handle splitting holidays. It’s hard… very hard. And it’s not smooth, no matter what… someone is always, always going to be upset. And, as everyone knows, the holidays are supposed to be cheerful!

We’ve already decided what to do about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is really easy: it’s one day, no waking up activities involved, and our families live in the same metro area. Well, that’s kind of a DUH then. One family has dinner earlier, one later, and we eat almost nothing at each – problem solved. (Well, in my case, we finish up at the family who has the Black Friday paper… I don’t care who it is, but Chad needs a new computer, even if we wait all night at Best Buy!)

But… Christmas. Christmas is much, much harder, especially when you know your MIL is a really sentimental person and you don’t want to intentionally make her sad on Christmas. Oh, and try adding in the fact that your husband’s birthday is on CHRISTMAS EVE. Yeah, there’s no fun way to spin this holiday.

So we’ve got options on the table. Lots, and lots, and lots of options. Do we go the weekend before? Do we go mid-week after Christmas and stay through New Years? Do we just suck it up and figure out how to split it, despite the fact that it won’t be even? I’m basically going bonkers over this decision. I want to be at home for Christmas, but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. However, why is it fair that they get to be at their own homes, not rushing around? Yeah, sooo not fair. I want us to establish our own traditions and get to actually spend time TOGETHER at the holidays.

What’s your solution to this? Any insights as to what I should do, keeping in mind that we’d have to spend Christmas Eve with Chad’s family if we were home, no matter what?