Just found the WordPress for Bb app. It’s pretty awesome so far, I suppose. I won’t be doing all my blogging on here though, just posts that pop into my head during our monthly ten hour round trip drive to Charleston. Side note: I am so thankful I don’t drive this trip once a week anymore. I was starting to name the cows I passed.

What I’m blogging for today, though, is to say happy Halloween! Being past college age and married, I’m falling into the “handing out candy” category this year and I’m excited to start a halloween tradition until we have kids: watching a non-scary halloween movie (“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” possibly!) and eating pumpkin donuts with apple cider. Considering my dad was awesome enough to start our day off with a huge feast including pumpkin pancakes, it might be overkill to eat pumpkin donuts. So, I’m turning to you, dear readers – what are your fave fall traditions? Apple fritters and bonfires?

Let me know on Twitter – @thesarahmorgan – because I’m done live blogging my trip on a Blackberry… Can anyone say tiny keyboard hand cramp? Ugh!