Have you ever Pre-halloween Christmas shopped for yourself? I know, that sounds freaking crazy. I start making my list around September of each year (because if I didn’t, there would be five things on it, I’m indecisive and Chad needs direction) and we happened to be at the mall looking for boots (let’s just say Target was sold out and DSW needs more gray boots). Oh, but not our mall, the good mall that’s second closest to home – so we’re there, walking around and I SAW IT. I told Chad I was going to help him out with Christmas shopping and promptly whisked him in to get this:


so, I fully admit that it is weird to buy yourself christmas gifts. However, seeing as I couldn’t find three of the other things online this afternoon that I’d put on my list, it’s a good thing I grabbed them while they were still around… I wanted those babies! And they were cheap – Chad didn’t complain. I think he likes when I pick the stuff out, because he knows I want it. Also, he felt totally uncomfortable with the teenage girls milling about in forever21 and h&m… I probably never would have gotten it. I know, it all sounds like excuses, but it’s what’s worked for us for a while now.

And with that said… I am excited for christmas. I love new (even extremely cheap) jewelry!