Ok, I’ll admit. I haven’t been entirely faithful to my goal this week for reasons I can’t say on this blog. (Too traceable, you know.) I promise I’m getting back into it tomorrow, either by walking around Helen, GA or by walking around a creepy 200 year old graveyard. Both sound… about the same.

But… I’ve just been a bum lately! More like a fall junkie… I feel like it’s finally fall now. The windows are open, there’s a chill in the air at night, and our house stays cool enough without the AC on. Good times.

Thanks to not depositing paychecks for over a month, I’m up to a hefty sum in our bank account when i finally do, and while I’m stashing most of it away for bills or “just in case,” I just want a new, cool, fall outfit. The catch is that I’m forcing myself to only spend $70. So, here it is, starting with what I want most:

Target boots. LOVE! $29.99, Old Navy Tunic, $24.99, Target leggings, $5.74

Just a minute, folks. Can we talk about those Target boots for just a minute? Those are a freaking STEAL. And let’s not forget that Target has some amazing Frye boot knockoffs and some cute cuffed booties right now too… I might have a plethora of boots by Christmas that are actually affordable… imagine.

Also, to Old Navy, for the love of all that is good… stop pushing your bell sleeved sweater dress. It is NEVER cute. ever, ever, ever.

Ok, discussion over. This will be mine!