Well, so far I’ve done something “walking” every day of the 100-day challenge – I cleaned and walked on Thursday, walked and had a picnic on Friday, walked around downtown Clemson on Saturday and today I vacuumed (by hand with the tiny attachment) the downstairs, stairs and upstairs hallway, did dishes, swept the kitchen, did two loads of laundry and cleaned the air intake filter while Chad cleaned the living room and dining area… so our house is cleaner and I am pooped!

But that’s not what I’m excited about. Nope, not a bit… I found out we will be home for Halloween! (My mom’s birthday is on the 30th. I haven’t been outside of Charleston for halloween in three years… and that wast the first time ever.) It’s on a Sunday, and Chad has things to do on Monday, so we have to be back. I am so excited to give out candy! I think I probably didn’t mention the fact that at my parents’ house, they live a bit off from the rest of the neighborhood so there are usually only one or two trick or treaters each year, and I’ve never been the one to hand out candy.

Of course, we still live in a college town and in a sort-of-college housing area, so who knows if we’ll actually get kids? But we’re decorating and we bought candy tonight:

I’ll take pictures of our pumpkin carving and house decorating adventures when the time comes. But for now – what are youuuuu doing for halloween? Oh, and stay tuned for tomorrow/Tuesday’s post – we’re going to a two-hundred year old graveyard tomorrow afternoon to walk and take pictures! Nothing puts you more in the Halloween mood than that, right?