I thought about my 100 days thing for a while. In fact, I couldn’t sleep for a while last night because of how much I’ve been thinking. Right now, I’m so happy with my life – but it’s all so nebulous, floating in space out there, waiting for us to learn where we’re going next, what I’m going to be doing once we move, what I’m HAPPY doing for a career. And, honestly, it feels insane to have NO control of my life!

So, I’m tackling the 100 days goal full-force. My goal is to walk every day and record everything I eat in SparkPeople for the next 100 days. Here I am on day two… in fact, I’ll make a ticker for you:

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I’m determined to do it. I want to at least sorta jog part of the Bridge Run next year (if at all possible) and I need to lose weight and get healthy to do that. NOW is a good time to train for it, since I hurt myself trying to train this past year. I can take it slow and steady and start the Couch to 5k program soon!

Well, time to go try making some pumpkin bread, because it’s that time of year, yay! But I’ll keep you updated on how I do – writing seems to keep me on track. And readers seem to make me feel guilty if I don’t do something that I say I will! Imagine that.