So I doubt I’ve ever really explained who I am/who my better half is. It’s not really a great story, but it’s a story none-the-less, I suppose.

I’m SB. I’m 22. I’m married, and I live in Georgia. I met Chad, my DH and almost 23, my Freshman year of high school. Freshman year, we dated for two months… on two separate occasions. I know, we couldn’t get it together. So, we were just friends (albeit jealous friends – jealous of each other’s other relationships) for a year and a half.

Junior year, it changed when we started dating right before Christmas. Somehow, we stayed together. And together. And then, college applications… and we both decided to go to Clemson, the only school to which we both applied.

Off we went. College wasn’t too bad… we stayed together, and (Mom and Dad, avert eyes now) even moved in together for a few semesters. I think at that point, I figured out we actually could work together.

Fast forward to the summer before senior year of college. After our four and a half years together, I got a ring! Yeah, I wanted it, but I think I knew that we didn’t need that to be together forever… I already knew that part. And then, a year and 3 months after that, we got married. It’s crazy how all of that, every single day of that seems like just yesterday.

So that’s the story of us. More stories about who we are to come.