First a cold, then severe nosebleeds, then kidney stones… OMG! What a freaking week!

I haven’t done much by way of cooking, but I am assembling a colorful version of this beauty… and maybe a bigger scale one, too, if the cricut has a lot of flower cutouts.

I found this beauty on 100LayerCake, one of my favorite wedding blogs ever… and I am pretty sure with the number of flowers I have, there are enough to do a wreath the size of a freeway loop. Haha.

Holla if you know me, because I plan on organizing my craft stuff soon and there’s a lot of stuff left in there that I do not use (I’m talking about YOU, 10 pointless inkpads I have and NEVER use… or all the chipboard cutouts that are now pointless thanks to the cricut)… and it’s free for you if you live in the upstate of SC! (The catch: you must meet me in Clemson to get it.)

Also, Chad has been cooking dinner, and what a great cook he’s been! I’ve only helped a teensy bit. Last night, he made the best baked penne I’ve ever had! It had tons of mushrooms, green onions and spicy italian sausage and a crusty gooey cheese layer on top.  And of course, the night before was tacos… I couldn’t taste those very well. And tonight we just had the most amazing glazed pork chops, blanched asparagus and mashed potatoes from scratch… SOOOO good! I don’t mean to brag, I am just so thankful to have a fiance to take such good care of me when I’m sick. I appreciate him tons!

Finally, I started my LAST SEMESTER AT CLEMSON! This makes me so happy… I am so ready to be out of Clemson. Remember when I talked about getting out early or even transferring to get a degree from elsewhere? I don’t even care anymore, I’m so ready to be done. That reminds me… I should definitely get on that ePortfolio requirement. 🙂

Okay, homework time. And I have a jar of marinated artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, goat cheese and a loaf of french bread… coming up tomorrow, bruschetta recipe!