List of 6 that I am 90% sure I can accomplish this year:

1. Plan a wedding, get married and move to Dallas/Athens (hopefully Dallas. Pray for us that Chad gets into school there!)… and start life as one half of “The Morgans.” Getting to this goal involves: patience, understanding, prayer, faith, love, compassion and organization.

2. Actually do the 30 Day Shred for 30 days. Figure out if it works. If it does, repeat. Getting to this goal involves: patience, hard work, determination, willpower, healthy eating and sleeping on a normal schedule.

3. Stop spending money and start saving. No more eating out all the time, no more random purchases. This goal requires me to be more content with what I have, how I use it and how if I am not using something, someone else may be able to do so.

4. Recenter my friendships. I’ve been building some great friendships after a whopper of a drama this past year, and I want to continue to grow in my friendships with those people. I think meeting new people would be great, too. Basically, I hope to do more to be a better friend–and reaching that goal will require patience, devotion, being happy with myself and giving more to others.

5. Be clever. I know, that sounds weird, doesn’t it? But I mean it–on all counts. I want to be clever in how we spend, so that we do have great times with friends without going out and spending a fortune. I want to be clever at work, finding more ways to get my job done easier and to help my bosses. I want to be more clever in finding ways to spend time with people–getting a workout buddy, having “healthy family dinners” with friends once a week, studying together or just watching our favorite tv show with a glass of wine. I think it’s a good skill, and one that takes work. I was inspired by the fact that I always find a way to decorate our christmas tree, and I always spend $15 or under to do it, or how I planned 7 healthy meals a week out of only $60 of groceries. I mean, it can be done–and it always is better to find a clever way to do it! To reach this goal, though, I need to be on track, better at communicating, dedicated, patient, observant, strong and resourceful.

6. Take more pictures. I know, I know, this one seems so easy… I mean, take more pictures, you just have to load the camera in your purse and keep it charged. But it’s so easy to get caught up in the moment, to not enjoy what’s in front of you or where you are, and to just keep pushing through. I think this could be just as easily titled “don’t take things for granted,” but I truly want pictures. I want the memories of each photo, to be reminded of all the opportunities that I am fortunate enough to experience each day. I think this will truly be the hardest (if you’ve ever seen my camera, you know why!) but I think that the task of taking a picture for each day of the year would be awesome. I don’t truly mean one each day, but I mean at least 365 pictures next year, and at least one batch a week. I have two flickrs and I’ll post the links up here when I start.


PS-if I made a seventh, it would be to always back up your work, always, always. Computers fail/get stolen/broken/fried/rendered useless all the time. I wish I had saved more pictures from last year… and will definitely be saving more this year. Plus, mandy just got a TB of space on her external hard drive… and she’s willing to share. So yeah, no excuses this time.