Oy. With the whole wedding switching date thing, It’s been a busy couple of weeks! Plus, I haven’t had much to blog about… I haven’t been cooking too much! 😦

But… I do have something for you, since you’ve waited patiently. Close your eyes. Now open them. Now pull up my flickr here and download, for yourselves… HOLIDAY RECIPE CARDS!

Doing these free. Not even attaching a “copyright sociallysb 2009” to them like I did the freebies on my wedding blog. Nope, I didn’t put a lot of work into these, so if someone takes credit for them somewhere… lol, I’m sorry. But really, you might find you like them. Two sizes, 4×6 and 3×5. So yeah… there’s your update. Keep your eyes peeled for some matching tags or something, if I get spare time in the next week or so.

Expect more after Christmas, when I get my tablet and hopefully Adobe Illustrator! (I’m going to be cricut-ing stuff like you wouldn’t believe with that bad boy.)