It’s been raining for about a week, I think, here in upstate SC. Luckily I spent my weekend in sunny Charleston, but coming back here made me feel like it was about 5pm… all day. We got back around 11, but you wouldn’t believe it was 11am outside! It’s wet, with flooding and mist and gray skies, which is a perfect day to try out making chili from scratch–no recipe, just me and some spices and love (and other ingredients, of course)!

(This is someone else’s chili, but what I’m going for)

I have NO idea how much of each spice is in my chili, but I’ll tell you what I used! Chili powder (of course), ground cumin, salt, cayenne and black pepper, and a smidge of seasoning salt, for about 2 lbs of meat and 3 cans of beans, and two cans of tomato sauce with water to suit your taste.

It smells fantastic, has just enough heat and will be ready in about 45 minutes!