Now that school’s in, tailgating’s back, cooler weather has arrived and I’m stressing about wedding stuff–it’s FALL!

I thought I’d share that this weekend, I am aiming to try to create Pie Pops from Bakerella’s blog… I hope they go well! I want them to be a delicious fall treat, but I gotta experiment first.

I also realized that I need to start thinking of what my halloween costume is going to be… gasp! These few weeks are going to FLY BY.

And finally… The Office starts back next week, so we’re having an Office Party–Chad is going to be Andy, and I’m going as Kelly! I love The Office. I love it so much I watch it almost every day… Season Five COMES OUT TODAY!!!!!! You have no idea how much I love life right now.

Finally, a recipe that we used for tailgating this weekend, that everyone called “Bacon Wrapped Pork/Heart Attack on a Stick”

  • One pack bacon slices, cut into short slices down the middle
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar
  • One pack Lit’l Smokies, BEEF.

Basically, wrap them, throw the brown sugar on top and put in the oven.  We baked them on 350 for 20 minutes, then turned the broiler on for 3-5; watch carefully at that point! These are SO bad for you, we cannot be held responsible. Just don’t eat a lot of them–let everyone else do that work for you.