well, i’ve made it one fantastical year. I cant believe it. I am never the one to commit to things. I always end blogs wayyy before they get off the ground this far. I think the fact that this is wordpress makes it easier; i HATED blogger. But no, I can watch my stats and edit posts and read old comments all within two clicks from the WP homepage, and that’s kept me coming back for more lovin’ on the blog.

I’m really proud of myself, because in the beginning, I really wanted this blog to grow, to become full of the ideas and love that I have for my life. I think it portrays a less-messy side of me–my bed is never made, but the leaf-green and white striped sheets under my white duvet make it a little more fun.

I look forward to experiencing these things with you in the coming year:

1. Getting hitched and getting a house. I live on my own now, yes, but getting married is going to change that up a bit.

2. More recipes.

3. Maybe more vacuuming, and hopefully a bigger closet.

4. Graduating college.

5. and most importantly… keeping on with living my life, and recording bits of that through wordpress.

I am truly blessed to have my life, my friends and my family. I’ve had great times, I’ve had horrible times but they’re all mine, and I am glad you’ve gotten to experience a little bit of that over this year.

Happy living, everyone!