this week has been amazingly fall-like in temperature, though it’s ending pretty slowly. it sucks, but I guess that’s just something I gotta deal with! to celebrate the fallness though, I did two things tonight:

1. Made Pumpkin Bread from this amazing recipe, follow the link! I did two things differently: added 1/4 cup rum-soaked raisins; there was about .75 oz of rum in the raisins/dumped in from the bowl. Also, added walnuts. I am not aware of how much spice I used either, I just kind of

If I could have done something different now, I would have raised the rack in the oven (it was a little low) and I would have added 1/2 cup more Pumpkin… seriously though, as-is, that recipe is delicious!

2. Bought Martha Stewart Halloween. Wow. Glitter skeletons and pumpkin owls and what-have-you. I’ve decided I like fall a LOT more than Halloween decor… ick!

Stay tuned, because this weekend is the Apple Festival, Clemson First Friday, our first football game and… hopefully… Pie Pops from Bakerella!