I’m going to go all carrie bradshaw on you for a few. Seriously though, as school is back in for the last time and I look around at everyone either engaged or scrambling to be by the end of this forced social situation, I worry about a lot of them.

For example, a friend whose parents aren’t on speaking terms and her mom’s been married umpteen times getting married before graduation? Happy for them, I suppose, but then the way she treats this husband is atrocious–they argue, she slaps him, etc.

Why don’t people stop to wonder if they’re doing the right thing? I mean, if Chad felt things weren’t right, we would certainly postpone/end this–no problems. Don’t worry about the money invested in a ring, dress, venue–it’s your LIFE we’re talking about here. Your happiness.

I write this blog because I’ve made a major shift to stop taking Chad for granted so often. We laugh together–a lot, even if it’s because we dance horribly in the living room or that I’ve stolen his shoes so he can’t go home!–and I have absolutely, positively stopped the whole storming off or pouting thing. I mean, it was immature in the first place, but it feels a lot better to just try to calmly explain what I mean. And you know what? We haven’t had one fight in a while. I feel more than ever that we’re meant to be together, and even if he came to me tomorrow and said he wasn’t sure–I would still be ok.

In the end, everyone has to be happy.