Man, looking back on everything, I love my friends but I wish more every day that I’d transferred to somewhere else–Clemson sucks.

I have been put through the ringer for everything. The first sign should have been orientation four years ago, when they didn’t even provide enough water in the middle of June.

But now, and this is a whole lot of BULLSHIT,

Clemson has decided not to give me my student refund until August 28th. Today is August 19th, the first day of classes. By some miracle I am expected to not need my book money for the entire first week and a half, nor food money, nor electric bill payment, etc.

This is because Clemson only doles out the “Preferred lender” checks on the first day. I’m sorry, wait, I went through a lender that was on YOUR financial aid webpage after the PREFERRED LENDER stopped private lending, and almost ran out of money sometime last October. Are you kidding me?

The most inexcusable thing about this is the fact that Clemson had record enrollment this year. That’s $20,000 times about 1,400 that they didn’t expect, just sitting around. They could pay refunds out on time, but no.

The sad part is, this is just the latest in a long line of Clemson’s failures throughout my education here, and here’s the kicker: as a product of the Charleston County School district, I thought I’d seen it all before. But the incompetence and misrepresentation of almost everyone involved with this money-making scheme is enough to make one ashamed.

I won’t be a proud alma mater at football games, I won’t be buying my kids little clemson shirts and I certainly won’t be donating money to this sad excuse for a state university. When it’s cheaper to go to a comparable out of state university for the in-state price of Clemson, it’s time to look elsewhere. My kids will not be legacies.