I heard on the news today a major furniture store fire happened in washington state, and no one was hurt.

now don’t get me wrong, i am so happy no one was injured. that is awesome.

but i can’t help but wish that had been the case here. that charleston had never had nine guys die. i guess i’ve been thinking about it somewhat lately–i think of how brandon was getting married, and now that i’m engaged, how i couldn’t imagine what rachel went through. i drove past brandon’s old house the other day on the way to my uncle’s. it just… somedays i go without ever thinking a thing about it, and other days, i think damn, why did it have to happen in charleston? why did we have to be another memory, statistic, place of remembrance.

it’s been two years and i still don’t paint like i used to. (i was doing that the night it happened)

my dad has a different job in the fire department.

i live full time in clemson.

and it kills me still. when i think about it, it kills me. why couldn’t they have been as lucky as those in washington state last night?

just my thoughts.