i didn’t!

i promise!

This month is crazy. It started with me going to Charlotte, and then going to Charleston last weekend for wedding planning… and this weekend is Charleston again for Robbie’s wedding/my Uncle’s annual (belated) fourth of july party (b/c of the wedding in charlotte), then next weekend I’m trying to decide about going to Boone (that’s going to be a big we’ll see because I feel like crap already and camping does NOT mix well with that).

Then… August! Rockville Regatta & I turn 21 and school starts back… so weird because it feels like since I haven’t left Clemson, I’m still waiting on summer. Haha, I wish. Mandy will be back up here in just three weeks! I cannot wait until she moves back here… and of course, Chris is coming in August.


When did summer just end?!?!