usually, fourth of july goes the same way every year (well, it has for like the past 5-6 years for me and 4 for chad): we go to my uncle’s house, get in the pool for a couple of hours, eat burgers or hot dogs and get back in the pool. there’s always like 60 people there and it’s fun.

instead, this year we went to my uncle’s son’s wedding. it was beautiful! they got married in a church in Charlotte and then we went to the reception at the Dairy Barn in Fort Mill, SC. It’s this cool old barn in the middle of a bunch of fields and yes, complete with cows and a silo you can explore.

they both looked so great and happy!

but I have to say, that’s not really why I’m writing… I’m writing because the GPS took me through Cherokee county, RIGHT NEAR GAFFNEY! the serial killer murders really scare me, and… just being around there felt scary. definitely kept my eyes open for the car they say he’s driving… ick! I know it sounds SO paranoid but honestly, that was the worst part of my trip… aside from my relatives starting to talk about my wedding. uhh… i said the phrase “Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind” about a million times. haha.

Well, time to make some lunch–STARVING, didnt really eat breakfast. Also, it’s the first time it’s rained in about three weeks, so I’m going to see if its any cooler outside, too.