I recently started my own paper-goods store on etsy: Purple Paradiso Press! However, I’m an all-around etsy lover, so look at a couple of my faves on etsy relating to paper goods.

now, we all know I have WAYYYYYYYY too many notecards for my own good. I mean, at last count it was 250 something plus some others i keep in charleston. in fact, I kept thinking i had these thank you notes that i couldn’t remember… kit showed me a thank you note from her cousin and i remembered i had them (and had been trying to remember them for about, oh, a YEAR). Anyways, what’s better than thank you notes? LETTERPRESS thank you notes with lined envelopes.  These are from ilee.etsy.com, the Acacia, priced at $13.00 USD.

these cute little gift tag labels from tickledpinkpaperink.etsy.com are the stuff of happy dreams. I love the bright label and the fact that buying a couple of sheets of 24 sets you up for your children’s classmate’s birthdays for about a year without the cost of a card (cause goodness knows kids hate them and they’re so easy to miss in things like gift bags and giant boxed presents!). These were only $5.95 a sheet, which is a steal compared to the cost of cards these days. I don’t have kids, but I wouldn’t mind ordering some of these (except when I remember I have all the card-making tools one could want for right now… sigh)

cute little aidan, the funny kid I tutored in my last job, had one of these kinds of laminated luggage tags attached to his backpack, which, despite having his initials, was still an LLBean just like the fifty or so other kids in his after school program. I thought this was a great choice from his parents because it’s so easy to see as a kid, and you can get it in any color. Also, I love luggage tags. This is a great gift for adults too–got a destination wedding? Sending a gift out of town to people soon to visit you? Got a frequent flier that loves their oh-so-similar-looking carryon? Buy one! It’s $6.50 from angiecherryhi.etsy.com.

this is killer kitsch. welcome back to second grade, where your hours of flashcard practice made perfect (unless you still have checkbook balancing trouble–hellooooo online banking)! Something about this bold graphic design really resonated with me, and i’m the kind of person who loves notepads. I have about 10 pads of post-its in various sizes and shapes, several fridge pads, several small notebooks (including a vera notebook–who needs one of those?!?! good thing it was a freebie!). Anyways, your little one or your proud teacher sister (almost) may enjoy this pad for grocery lists, to-do lists–any sort of lists!–and the like. It’s filled with graph paper and is $4.50 from sweettweelab, what a steal for that price! Also, it’s called “I heart tabulations”–how great is that name?!

finally, my favorite favorite favorite product i’ve ever bought off etsy my entire life: my recycled mixed paper journal from rosasharndesigns. where to begin? First of all, all the paper is found, remade into pages hand cut. It has everything–worksheets, maps, misprints, etc. but this isn’t the best part. No, no, the best part is receiving it. I bought mine last year (and it actually is the one in the third picture/fourth picture depending on the listing, with the map and the bright orange page!) and she shipped it in a piece of the map of california with tape that was colorful with a cute print. I was never so happy to receive something in my ENTIRE life, it was so pretty! And how could i forget–inside, there is a library checkout card holder! HOW CUTE! This baby is $15.00 USD but so beautiful it’s well worth the money (note: this one may be bigger than mine and she may have gone up on price a little since I bought mine, it seems like she may have–but still, AWESOME) from rosasharndesigns.etsy.com

Okay peeps. Tell me what you LOVE from etsy!