unfortunately, after several months of diligent work, I learned two difficult lessons:

1. Drier heat here in the upstate makes for very, very dead plants.

2. Just because spring is filled with rain does not mean summer will be. Don’t count on a cool-down.

I am so bummed that my plants didn’t last longer! And while water was a great medium for growing onions, it also grew mosquitos. A LOT of them.

Summer, on the other hand, has been pretty good. We went to the Braves game and had a great time the other day, especially with after-game fireworks!


And of course–our Red Sox won!

Yesterday Mandy came to town (for less than 24 hours, mind you!) and we went swimming, went out to lunch at Tiger Town Tavern, went to Target and came back and had a cool barbecue and night swimming with our awesome gang!

Hopefully there’s a lot more to come for this summer, but I know next weekend, the 4th, we’re going to meet Chad’s cousin & her boyfriend Jonathan and hopefully go to Clemsonfest, then it’s off to Charlotte for my cousin’s wedding & some IKEA and TJ’s shopping afterwards, since the new catalog will be around 🙂