the white linen pant.

You know, this particular pair isn’t that attractive (, $69) but i love the look of a white linen wide leg pant. So breezy, so summer, so simple.

Also, I love getting tan and white is definitely the color that accents that tan best!

There are great linen pants from by the way, if you can afford them (sadface!)… thanks, economy.

who doesn’t love a black halter? especially a more reserved version that would look great on those summer nights (with the above pants)?

I have a bathing suit that is this shape, i LOVE it. I am still currently looking for the properly shaped halter like this to wear normally. this one is from for $20.99… what a steal! (and from such a random website– but it has great reviews, so don’t worry!)

have you ever put your foot inside a sanuk shoe? These things are fantabulous as kit and kelly have shown me. This pair, the Monaco, are decorated with silver and black and have a unique circle shape that’s just casual enough for summer trips and shopping! this pair is from and retails for $24.95 on sale.

this floral print canvas bag from old navy is so summer, using more white than black to make it a brighter (and yet still refined) bag!

this would match anything else on this page, and is so cute, how can you not want it? $14.50 from

This vintage necklace is from and is only $5.99. It’s 31 inches long and the perfect unique shape to decorate your neck!

Similar necklaces can be found at rue21, wet seal and papaya.

these bracelets, along with a variety of others, are perfect to wear with things like the halter, above! they are black and white and so beautiful–and can be used in every season!

this clutch is hot, hot, hot! will go great with your LBD on those warm summer date nights!

The best part–it’s from etsy. LOVE IT! $70, here:


a BEAUTIFUL summer dress!

I love love love wearing dresses in summer. In fact, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t–they are breezy, fun and comfy.

This beauty is made to order for $70 on etsy, linked here:

I have a lot more than usual… but I LOVE black and white 🙂