been shopping lately. after like, promising not to, to myself, a trillion times. what’s wrong with me? am stopping shopping now, because i just don’t want to see the cash go flying away right as i make it.

Oh, did i mention i got a job? I work for the strom thurmond institute at clemson university, for the library’s special collections. literally, I edited war propaganda proposals today from the 1940s, so that they may be added to the digital collection. it was interesting and yet so utterly despicable at the same time, that americans were led on like that. (In one instance, they thought that perhaps striking workers at an ammunitions factory could be called treason. WHAT? fair wages are due)

Anyways. My plants are all in! Well, except for those original whatever-kind-of-flowers-i-planted. I don’t know why, but they are still just these lame green leaf stems things. But the lettuce is fully lush (two types almost full to bursting out of the box!) and the tomatoes are coming along (one is turning yellowgreen! soon to be red!) and the onions are doing phenominally in JUST WATER (yes, i know, we never got them planted…), the basil is tasty as ever (though looking a little yellow… trying to help it out now) and even the dianthus is still producing blooms.

I’m about to post another things I like, but I thought I’d update you before then.

PS: tonight’s menu–pizza (homemade) thanks to the crap ton of yeast that’s supposed to be used by next month. yeah crust!