So we’ve been following weight watchers this week and I challenged myself to stick to a $45 budget to feed both of us, plus what we already have in the house. We had half the meat we needed for the week and no veggies, bread, snacks or lunch stuff.

And it so happens that I LOVE cooking in a challenge. I have just felt inspired. Last night we had homemade smashed garlic potatoes, peas with onions and mushrooms simmered in a white wine sauce (white wine, broth and parmesan–not the kraft canned parmesan either!) and slow cooked baby back ribs with homemade sweet and spicy barbecue sauce (see last post for details).

Well, tonight is blackened lime tilapia with pico and a yet-to-be-determined-flavor roux, broccoli with parmesan and pepper, and mushroom risotto/herb sauce with angel hair pasta.

Not bad right? I make it all under 8 points (weight watchers).. thanks to spices 🙂

So this week is really making me excited for what summer will be! Even dinner at Kit’s was pretty light!