I got to thinking the other day… most people give up on their goals for the new year entirely. Well, see, that’s not the way to go about it. The way I look at it, my new year’s resolutions are for the ENTIRE year. So if I start doing it in June, who says it doesn’t count? I want to have them all done by the time stated/end of the year, and so I’m still working on it. Change doesn’t happen overnight!

I’m really proud of what I discovered by trying new things, and I can’t wait to try more. I plan to set more goals in the next month or so to try new things like swimming 5 laps every day, or learning more about wine. New things take time, but this year has so been worth it. And I’m ever more excited about what I am doing to accomplish these goals: I rejoined Weight Watchers and a LOT of my mom’s side of the family is doing it, and I have started exercising more frequently, especially jogging. and I finally have free time so I’m excited to visit the museum this week!


my goals, revisited

i will be able to run a mile in 8 minutes by april. WORKING ON IT!
i will be a size 14 when i put on my graduation dress. WORKING ON IT!
i will not eat processed foods for an entire month, or maybe even a year. (this one was difficult: it turns out that not all unprocessed foods make for a balanced meal, or even something worth eating. Interesting, huh?)
i will read an interesting book once a month. * see list i liked my textbooks better, so read them instead.
i will make my own pasta and sauce on sunday nights.
i will stop watching TV after dinnertime, unless there’s a new office on.
(I think this one will come with time–increased exercising will absorb that time, but i do watch TV when i exercise so that kind of might not ever happen… hmm)
i will go to class. made my B in accounting
i will go to the greenville county museum of art. ATTEMPTING IT THIS WEEK!
i will read the most boring looking piece in the NY Times each day so I can expand my brain and interests. learned some cool things this way.
i will read le monde occasionally so i don’t entirely give up on french. once a month is ok. i read some le monde…
i will take more pictures and remember to charge the camera battery once a week. have taken more pictures, need to set new goal to PRINT them.
i will go to the botanical garden one day each month to read my book of the month. turns out mosquito bite allergy (large swollen areas of arms/legs/wherever will prevent this. GAH!

PS: I have been writing this blog now as long as it takes the stork to make yo’ baby. Yay 9 months!