fendi-inspired spy(like) bag, ebay

no, i’m not tardy to the party. it’s actually because i’ve accepted that handbags that don’t sling over your shoulder are ok, and i put this on the list for the moment i made that decision.

black, brown or even zebra stripe, this bag is HOT!

patio furniture, overstock.com

i need a patio, some beautiful patio furniture, the world’s biggest citronella candle and a kick-ass pool to complete this look. sorry chad, I guess you better start saving for a house now.

teal wedges, 6pm.com

so i get an alloy catalog sent to my parents’ house thanks to ordering some bad shirts, and i occasionally browse through it. Summer’s catalog had some BAMF teal wedges that were just oh so perfect… so here i am, finding this pair from Steven by Steve Madden, called Miztify. (ps- 6pm.com rocks for cheap designer shoes, it’s the clearance warehouse for zappos!)

hemnes chest of drawers, ikea

if i could marry the whole ikea hemnes line, i would… (sorry chad). it’s the perfect blend of modern and “country” for lack of a better word, and i am in need of furniture if i live anywhere but the reserve next year. good luck hemnes dresser, i’m pulling for you.

and last but not least….

uhh, who didn’t see that coming?

let me know if you’re purveying one πŸ™‚



ps: I am working on my 8 minute mile goal i set in january! YES! it’s never too late to start on your new years resolutions, because if you get them done in the year, you’re still a winner! πŸ™‚