old navy enamel coated gold bangles, set of 3, $3.99

these bangles are the staple of j. crew fab wardrobes and old navy has a great “look-alike” set of three for the price of approximately 1/3rd of a bangle at even the j. crew outlet!

target merona hinge wallet, sale price varies from $8 to $9.99 instore/online

this hard case wallet is hot right now, and the merona version has this beautiful stitched design while still being the cheapest one i could find… even with rue 21’s rack of neon yellow case wallets for $10!

avenue manhattan sunglasses, on sale for $5.00 or two for $5.55

this hot pair of sunglasses is uber cheap and the perfect beach pair: big! it has a unique shape that lends it much better style than the other similar “rip-off” glasses, but a only a little different from Dior’s Jackie O style.

charlotte russe rose headband in white, $3.99

this headband is a lot like those cute flower headbands that are yet again, a j. crew staple. this solves the problem without you buying a $40 headband and yet you still look stylish and spring-like!

more to come soon, but these stuck out at me recently. Awesome how blatant rip-offs really benefit you. All this stuff was under $25 together!