Wow, haven’t posted much! This past week was pretty cool… very laid back. Over the weekend, Chad’s parents came into town for his award ceremony–he won a CBBS award for excellence, way to go Chad!

Anyways, they took us out to dinner at Larkins–that place is AMAZING! I had the shrimp and grits and definitely did not regret that choice… delicious. After that, I taught Mrs. Morgan how to use her digital camera, and we went home and fell asleep by 11 (I know we’re lame).

The next morning we went to the ceremony, which was nice, and then to Seasons on the Lake… that place was way pointless. The food wasn’t great.

Next, he spent some one-on-one time with them while I went shopping with Moo… which was pretty short, we ended up coming back to play Wii then going to buy plants and a grill! We planted everything, but unfortunately, it was FREEZING so we had to drag it all in today.

We planted tomatoes, lettuce, onions, basil and some flowers, just keeping it simple… our flowering plant is beautiful, and I hope my marigolds and mandy’s sweet pea turn out ok!

And I don’t think I posted about this, but it’s big news to me because I am all about my kitchenware–I FINALLY found my PERFECT glass pitcher! It matches my water goblets amazingly… and it was $4 in a little antique store down a side street in Port St. Joe, Florida! The owner gave us free firewood for our beach bonfire, though, so I was so happy to buy it from him!

Spring has taken a brief break as it flurried today–IN APRIL–but I’m looking forward to spring now, it has felt so great outside besides today.

up next: a NEW things I like!