One of my favorite movies (and coincidentally, one of our first date movies to watch) is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, a love story… well, just to cut it short, people’s memories get erased and weird things happen during this love story.

Tonight, I read this New York Times article (–it’s about the same thing, basically: erasing certain memories from existence. There are certain questions raised, however; for example, would all memories associated with the thing be erased (much like the movie, in which he does not know the song “Clementine” due to her name being Clementine)? Is it ethical, legal, moral (another question raised by the movie, interestingly enough)?

It will be interesting to see where they take this research… for now though, enjoy your memories, because each of them is the reason you are the person that you are!


Quick update:

Everyone here is doing well. Chad recently received an award for his Psych work, and Mandy is working at IOP again. I haven’t seen my lovely girls in a while though! Hope that changes sometime this week. Other news: we have planted a garden in the hopes that it will grow somewhat; we bought a grill and already I’ve burnt myself on it; and Easter is next weekend!

Finally, we have less than a month left of school before summer (though Chad is taking a class over Maymester and I’m taking a summer class).

Okay, it is very late, I should go to bed now. But just thought I’d let the blog world know about that crazy new memory-killing injection!