dear sharon,

i don’t know your last name anymore… it’s been twelve years since my grandfather died and all i know is that you were his last wife. no harm or malice intended, i’m just stating it truthfully. i wish i did know your last name, because there’s something i want to ask you.

sharon, you look like a really happy, nice person from the pictures i’ve seen of you. the pictures i saw were my parents wedding photos, and coincidentally the subject i need to talk to you about most. i wish i knew how to find you, and i will keep looking, but honestly…

there was a roll or two of photos you and george snapped during the reception. my parents have no pictures of their reception save for three or four, and the photographer lost the film so they could never have other prints later. i would do anything for those pictures that you and my grandfather took. as you already know, i was born a mere 9 months later and there wasn’t a lot of time spent worrying about pictures of wedding receptions then.

i will pay you, i will drive to virginia or indiana or wherever you happen to currently be. i have looked for hours for you, and i know this blog is a long shot, but who knows? i just hope you still have them. i know george passed away a long time ago–i know better than anyone, he’s the one person i would have really liked to meet in my life, and i never got that chance (not one i remember, anyways).

i hope someone you know sees this and tells you. i hope i can find you.

i just really, really would love it if you had those pictures. they would mean the world to me.

your step-granddaughter sarah brittany