I’ve been terribly busy with being sick! isn’t that horrible? The downside (aside from the sickness/pain, being backed up on work and not actually going to work so not making money) is… no blog posts!

I don’t know if i mentioned this in a blog from before, but I’ve been doing meal planning for the week when we go to the grocery store. like i see what’s on sale and make a list according to the meats, then add side dishes (from the list or whatever I’ve stocked up on before) and then buy lunch stuff. It’s surprising how much less stress there is when we have a definite menu on the fridge door and i KNOW exactly what we’re going to eat every night, so does everyone else, so they plan accordingly.

And, then, of course I should be posting about snow, right?! Because we finally got our snow that “stuck.” all four inches of it, actually; chad, mandy and I walked from the woodlands to the reserve in it! (That’s about a mile from door to door… and trudging through the snow, it was the longest mile of my life.)

However, with this snow comes some rain, and i’m terribly scared that the power will be out. In fact, it already is out in parts of Pickens and Greenville counties, and they don’t expect to have those outages back up until 5pm tomorrow… so if ours goes out and a lot more, say sayonara to power for the next two days! YUCK.

But the snow was fun, we got to play in it at the reserve (snow “horse/pig” with Wes, Mandy and Chad) and at the woodlands (snowball fight and snowmen/women–that’s a boob!)… but the drive to the woodlands was SO SCARY!!! Wes was sticking his head out the car window to see! And then we got to the hill to get into the Woodlands… oh my goodness. We didn’t know if we’d make it! but we did… it was fun because after all the snow stuff, we made delicious cocoa and coffee and sat around warming up with each other. Best Snow day ever!

Now, no class tomorrow… and I kind of want some more cocoa. Hehe! Also, I want to go make a snow angel in the snow on the top of my car… i doubt that will happen.

I wish i could take some pictures but the memory card has disappeared! So i’ll probably steal someone else’s pics… haha.

Good night everyone! And if you get snow… well, we generally don’t, but once a year. So I’m enjoying it!