i had an amazing valentines day! i woke up to chad opening my door and telling me to stay in bed–a lovely breakfast in bed! (He can cook a good breakfast, too) So we ate together, took a nice long nap after some Spongebob and got up for a while.

We were supposed to have a picnic but it looked like rain, so we picnicked on the balcony! We laid down a blanket and put a small table out there and had a nice time making fun of the birds in the parking lot–it was cute. He made cuban sandwiches and I made tomato pie the night before, and we had cheese and apples and pomegranate blueberry juice. It was an odd picnic, but very much us.

So then next we watched some food network, that channel is awesome! we were enjoying just chilling out, and because of our nap…well, we missed going to the art museum. I’m excited to go another day, but it was nice spending time alone. So then we both went to get ready and took a nice walk to our dinner destination–Larkin’s on the River! We ate on the patio (it’s enclosed and heated) and it was so nice and inviting, a very warm atmosphere. Our server was amazing and so was the food! Too bad we were so full from lunch that we weren’t able to eat more of it!

Then we came home (Ok, i stopped to do a little shoe shopping, yay) and watched the duggar wedding and jon & kate + 8… to those of you thinking, that is so unromantic, we LOVE watching those shows. Chad loves jon & kate’s little kids.

So anyways. We watched that and enjoyed some truffles and wine (we also had some awesome wine at larkin’s… it was a good wine night i suppose) and had a wonderful time! After the shows, Chad was exhausted already, so I went to take a nice long bubble bath and he fell asleep… oh well. It was a nice ending anyways!

So that was my vday, how was everyone elses?!