so yeah. not much to talk about. it’s cold but it won’t just freaking SNOW! I would love for class not to happen tomorrow. like maybe a water main could break on campus and freeze over and then we wouldn’t have to worry about going to class?

I should get to sleep soon. Watching old reruns of Sex and the City (seen these episodes before). It’s enough to make you want to make tons of cash and live in NYC, haha. Except that it’s so highly unlikely that one ever could.

I really WANT to go shopping but I’m like, telling myself no. I did buy some picture frames, mandy and I are finally putting some pictures up on the walls, some 5X7s of this amazing place…

Mile creek park! it’s so beautiful. We randomly stumbled upon it. The only thing is…

It’s like 5 mins away from the nuclear station! I like to stay FAR FAR away from that as much as possible. It freaks me out! i mean, at least if you live at the second perimeter like us, you have a CHANCE at survival.

So that’s whats up for now!