so yeah. carmen’s cooking tonight, her momma’s delicious beef-a-roni. I know, that sounds so weird to be excited for it, but I am! I can’t stay long because of stupid Supplemental Instruction, but yeah.

I am so so SO thankful tomorrow is Friday, I need the weekend to catch up… it sucks being behind! I’ll get all caught up on saturday and sunday and feel better, but for now, I feel craptastic.

Chad and I discussed briefly over the weekend taking a road trip to Cape Cod and Boston to meet his G-ma and other relatives that I have yet to meet. I think that would be fun, but I’m nervous!

Also, I started the whole “healthy eating” thing yesterday. I’m not really balancing it so much as I am keeping track of what I’m eating. Something delicious I made yesterday is a Chicken and Avocado pita:

1 pita
1/4 cup mixed greens (I used a whole foods mix that had absolutely no lettuce, just other greens)
2 slices avocado
3-4 slices cucumber
1/4 cup chicken, sliced
1 tbsp light sour cream

It tasted rather like a taco, but it was more filling; i’m using avocado as opposed to cheese on some things now, like sandwiches and such, because it does offer a nice mild flavor but it packs so many more health benefits.

I’ve been doing a lot of deep thinking and the thing is, I want to eat healthy things that taste good. Most people just make themselves choose the low-fat option, but why? Why can’t we have it both ways?

I’d rather have an effing delicious sandwich/pita and cucumber slices for lunch than a bunch of little shitty tasting frozen meals. maybe it’s just me, but it’s the way I’m approaching this.

Also… when you can’t get around it, that’s where smaller portions (and a good lot of salad) come in. No probs!