I know, i’ve been meaning to update this thing for YEARS it seems. It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s just that I never seem to have time anymore!

New things… Kit got engaged this past weekend, we all went to Ocean Isle for the long MLK day weekend and Nathan proposed there.

We were expecting snow last night, I’m really sad it never stuck. Everywhere else in this freaking state seems to have snow, but here? Nada. I didn’t particularly want to go to class… my first is canceled anyways, though.

As far as sticking to my resolutions: we are trying to eat better, eat less, but we couldn’t do non-processed. It was so bad for you–many full fat foods, having to eat bad foods because there wasn’t another option, that sucked!

And I have had to change my book list. This month’s book will be The Audacity of Hope, replacing “Stuff White People Like.”

So. I think i’m going to chill before my class. ta-ta, blog!