so this month is “non-processed foods” month for chad and I. we’re going to attempt it as a social experiment in eating better–in a rural town. The nearest whole foods, fresh market or earth fare is about an hour away, so we won’t be able to just go there whenever we need fresh food.

We have a Bloom, Food Lion, Walmart, Bi-lo and most importantly (because it’s closest), an Ingles.

Our rules are as follows: we cannot eat anything with unnatural preservatives (preservative salt is ok). We cannot eat anything with artificial sweetener, processed sugar (using sugar in the raw or honey) nor anything with high fructose corn syrup. Nothing with bleached flour.

This means we’re giving up ketchup, orange juice, white bread, soda, most snack foods, fast foods (some excluded), and most sweets.

It’s going to be interesting! I hope we can stick with it. Stay tuned!

and of course, Happy New Year!