I have been sooooo busy lately, it’s not that i’ve forgotten to post–more like there are just TOO many things to do and not enough hours.

My mom had some surgery done today, I’m worried she’ll be in the hospital over christmas. She is supposed to be out tomorrow, but I’m not too sure that will happen.

Let’s see… I got my christmas presents from Chad tonight! They rock! I got the monogrammed sterling silver necklace, sleep pants (so soft!), two sweaters, a really soft scarf, the boots i’ve been wanting and a brown purse (finally!)… YAY! I hope he liked his christmas gifts. They were a little random, but… he’ll like tomorrow’s (BIRTHDAY!) gifts better: I’ll post now b/c its 9 mins away from his birthday–He’s getting a beer brewing kit, a book on the best beers around the world (The Beer Book) and beer tasting journals! I know it’s something he’ll enjoy. I just wish his birthday didn’t have to be Christmas Eve!

I’m a little upset with some situations at my house now, but I won’t go into detail until after christmas.

Just 2 more days!